Bidmaster Office is the UK's most popular Windows based auction software and provides the core data on which all other Bidmaster modules run. Bidmaster Office manages your client database and gives you a full understanding of your business. Features cover the essentials of data management and process including:

Data Management

  • centralised database of buyers and sellers
  • fully integrated stock system
  • flexible commission structure
  • detailed lot information (includes condition reports, photographs and history)
  • recording of commission and telephone bids
  • auction statistics and financial reports


  • opens multiple auctions simultaneously
  • creates catalogues in flexible formats (includes .pdf, .csv, .doc, atg.dat)
  • supports all auction day activities (auctioneers' sheets, invoicing and reconciliation)
  • customised sale documentation (pre and post sale advice letters, invoices, statements) incorporating your own logo and branding
  • integrated facility to e-mail sales documents to clients
  • production of vendor cheques and BACS payment reports
  • automatic import and management of buyers registered on